Patreon built on an out-of-the-box tokenized bonding curve. Fans purchase an artist's token and gain access to exclusive content. Artists take a fee on every token purchase/sale.
The problem Bound solves

Content creators are underpaid. Fans don't have a meaningful and mutually beneficial way to directly support their favorite artists. Bound allows content creators to further monetize content in a novel way. Their profits scale alongside the growth of their dedicated fanbase, and the fans receive to major forms of value:

  1. Enjoy benefits of an exclusive "club" that provides access to premium content. For example, a musician could offer early album downloads, signed merchandise, Bound-exclusive concerts, etc. For as long as a fan holds the token, they retain access to all current and future rewards.

  2. The ability to invest in and profit off of the speculative market around the future success of an artist. Early adopters are rewarded the most, but even those who might lose money by selling back into the bonding curve at a loss still support the content creator.

Artists are able to continually profit as long as people are buying & selling the token, and they are able to establish a more meaningful connection with their fans

Challenges we ran into

Time constraint 🕝 Implementing the tokenized bonding curve Fortmatic behaving erratically 😡 Merge conflicts while working asynchronously across git branches 3Box SDK bug 🐛 Lack of sleep 😴

One of our biggest setbacks was realizing that after hours on hours of planning, there was a flaw in our original design that would allow the system to be gamed, and have misaligned incentives. We pivoted a bit and updated the idea to one that was more sound.

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