A mobile-based social media for NFTs.
The problem Astter solves
  • Display your NFTs (across all blockchains) by connecting your wallet on one platform.
  • Follow your friends, celebrities, influencers to see which NFTs they own (or, are buying).
  • Build connections with people who own the same NFT projects as you. Connect with people with similar interests.
  • Follow new NFT projects to have a keep a track of what’s being minted.
  • Discover new NFT projects.
Challenges we ran into
  • Connecting wallets: Modern wallet providers are mostly based on Javascript, which is a very efficient web-based language. However, the same cannot be said for native applications which either had outdated codebase or improper documentation. To overcome this, we integrated deep linking into the native application from the Coinbase OAuth.

  • NFTs across various blockchains: Another major thing we had to tackle was the NFTs not being on a single chain. Some were minted on Ethereum while others were on Solana or others. Thus we had to keep in mind the user's ease of use and optimize the APIs obtained from

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