An All-Inclusive Competitive League Match Based Investment Portal
The problem ALLY solves

Getting an idea for developing into a project needs tremendous efforts in the world at this point in time. What about the efforts to get seed funding for a project? What happens when your innovative idea competes with a weaker project with a powerful backer? It needs massive support in order to bring your idea to this world.

ALLY solves your issues with the following:

  • A moderator starts a league where players can submit ideas and hence joins the battle.
  • The ideas that get huge support from the investors independent of key investor effects wins the highest funding. Thanks to Quadratic Funding
  • Investors get a part of shares in the projects that they invest in.
  • A credibility score for investors is maintained in the contract.
  • More investments in top projects gives an investor a higher credibility score.
  • Investors can mint NFT and sell them to others. NFT's buyers get a share of the project's revenue along with the investor on the next league. Buyers can check the credibility score of the investor to decide whether to buy.
  • Investors set the price for the NFT that plan to sell
Challenges we ran into
  • Due to our extensive tests and functionalities, the gas price was too high for us to find a faucet to fill our public test net.
  • The bytecode size of the contract exceeded 24576 bytes and hence we cut out few functionalities and optimized the code.
  • Figuring out investor and project owner proportion split was a big challenge.
  • Created ProjectOctober 1, 2021 6:23 PM4 months ago

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