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The problem Adiutorium solves

The problem with today's fundraising platforms like ketto and goFundMe is that there is on transparency to how a campaign is spending the money. With Aduitorium, donors can see where there is money is spent with our "campaign ledger". Also once a campaign ends, all the unspent funds are sent back to the donors. This is possible because the funds are never transferred to a user's account, they always stay locked in our smart contract. Also, since all the app data such as user details, campaign documents, etc are stored on 3Box, our platform is completely decentralised.

Using Adiutorium, people can start campaigns, donate to campaigns... all the while they can rest assured that any funds spent inside the platform will never be misused.

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble integrating 3box because their plugins and libraries use different versions of npm librabries. The solution was to figure out which version of these librabries would work with both.

also if you want to use the app, you will need our tokens. so you can use the following seed phrase. All its accounts have plenty of our tokens: "pottery lock photo gas cement unable stone jealous throw broken marriage sport"

the token is deployed on the following address: "0x339933bF7A71c820452B792Bf8e8B1f35Cc486fB"

Technologies we used
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