. Züri Crypto Cars NFT DApp

. Züri Crypto Cars NFT DApp

Ethereum market place, connecting buyer and sellers of cars

The problem . Züri Crypto Cars NFT DApp solves

It's cool because it comes with:

  • an escrow and
  • helps with the paperwork (export form declaration via API)

I came up with the idea, since I was selling my own car and most requests I got were for export. Most people calling me wanted to export my BMW to Eastern Europe. They all wanted to pay in cash, ideally not in CHF. I was ok with EUR, but I was worried about getting counterfeit bills. Also, the buyers has to deal with customs and fill out forms. See: https://www.bazg.admin.ch/bazg/de/home/services/services-private/services-private-einfuhr/ausfuhrzollanmeldung-e-dec-web.html Blockchain can solve this! Züri Crypto Cars will solve this!

Challenges we ran into

The smart contract design or to be fair adjustment on what we found was the most difficult.
We tried to implement quite a bit more features, but ended up limited it down to whats we show today.