Earn Privately! Your data, your way.

The problem ZKAI Ads solves

ZKAI Ads is revolutionizing the advertising industry by placing control back in the hands of users. Here's how it solves existing problems and what people can use it for:

1. Monetizing Personal Data

Users can monetize their personal data without compromising their privacy. By giving control to users, ZKAI Ads creates a transparent environment where individuals can profit from their information, rather than letting it be exploited by third parties.

2. Privacy Preservation

Through cutting-edge AI technology, ZKAI Ads ensures that personal information remains confidential. Your data is used to tailor ads, but the specifics remain safely encrypted, balancing personalization with privacy.

3. Customized Advertising Experience

Advertisers can reach the right audience without infringing on privacy. By tapping into user-consented data, they can create more relevant and engaging ads, enhancing the overall advertising effectiveness.

4. User Empowerment

ZKAI Ads empowers users by allowing them to decide how their data is used and by whom. It's a platform that fosters trust between users and advertisers, making the online advertising ecosystem more transparent and respectful of individual rights.

5. Safer Online Environment

With a user-centric approach, ZKAI Ads minimizes the risk of data breaches and unauthorized usage. It brings about a safer online advertising landscape where personal information is handled with care and due diligence.

In a world where data privacy is a growing concern, ZKAI Ads stands as a beacon of responsible advertising. It allows users to monetize their data, offers advertisers a more targeted approach, and cultivates a safer and more respectful online community. It's not just a platform; it's a new paradigm in digital advertising.

Challenges we ran into

Building ZKAI Ads was an ambitious project that required overcoming several significant challenges:

1. Polygon zkEVM and Polygon ID

We encountered some difficulties deploying on Polygon's zkEVM but managed to do it with the help of the Polygon mentors. We also used Polygon ID as a form of preserving privacy which took some time to understand.

2. Gelato Functions - Functionality Issues

Working with Gelato, we found that certain functions were not fully operational. By actively engaging with Gelato's developers and leveraging our internal expertise, we managed to pinpoint the issues, modify the necessary code, and tailor the functions to suit our needs.

3. ZK Knowledge Proofs for Privacy Preservation

Implementing Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs for preserving privacy was a complex process. To ensure that data remained confidential, we engaged experts in cryptography and worked closely with academic researchers. This collaboration helped us design robust ZK proofs tailored to our platform's unique requirements.

4. AI Model for Ad Targeting Engine

Developing an AI model that accurately targets ads without violating privacy was a balancing act. We achieved this by extensive research and multiple iterations, ensuring that the model was both effective in targeting and steadfast in preserving privacy.

5. AI-Generated Advertisement

Creating AI-generated advertisements required significant innovation. We experimented with different algorithms and models, pushing the boundaries of AI creativity. Collaborating with marketing experts, we refined the system to generate engaging and relevant ads.

6. Avoiding Exploits

Ensuring that the platform was immune to potential exploits required vigilant security analysis and constant monitoring. By conducting rigorous testing and engaging cybersecurity professionals, we we