Vote from any chain you want

The problem XVote solves

As the dApps are moving cross-chains, there is a limitation on fragmenting voting powers across different chains. For example, I hold the Sushi Governor token on various chains, but the proposal has been submitted to one chain, hence, I am restricted to voting only if I hold the Sushi Governance token on that chain on which the proposal is.
Therefore, we have built cross-chain governance voting solution that would aggregate the voting powers across different chains of the token holders

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we solve:
As we were new to implementing cross chain using connext, we faced problems in here
a. First problem was xcall or xrecieve integration with our contarct code.
b. Faced issue in reading public variable using wagmi.
c. Even faced issue in using Biconomy sdk, with differnet version handling issues.

Technologies used