Xstream is a Token Gated Video Streaming Platform to watch Exclusive Stream, become a Streamer, Mint Exclusive NFTs and send Super Chats and Chat to your Favourite Streamer.

The problem Xstream solves

Creators can create exclusive video streaming for their subscribers for those users only who have the creator's exclusive NFT. Later on the users can sell and list the NFT at a better price for other users to enjoy creator's exclusive content.
It solves the problem of creators, they dont have to rely on centralised video streaming platform anymore to distribute them their cut, they can do it on their own now.
Video streaming made easy with one click superchats to send tokens and crypto to your favourite streamer while being online in the stream.
It gives viewers and streamers more flexibility to become a streamer and create content or watch exclusive content with just minting the creator's NFT into their wallets.

Challenges I ran into

The Huddle01 docs was quite new and hard to understand, I spoke to the Huddle01 team and got insights about the integration and implementation. Playing around with Camstream and Micstream was not an easy task.
The Lighthouse SDK was not running on NextJs 13, due to some technical error so I had to pivot it to upload my images and NFTs metadata on IPFS using NFTstorage.
Overall I had challenges regarding camera streams and mic streams which I resolved by diving deep into the concept and docs.