Token Gated Video Streaming Platform for Exclusive Live Streams, NFT Minting, and Super Chats with MATIC tokens. Viewers become subscribers and enjoy exclusive content.

The problem XStream solves

Xstream is a transformative Token Gated Video Streaming Platform that redefines the video streaming experience. It offers:

  • Exclusive live streams
  • Empowers streamers to mint Exclusive NFTs
  • Allows viewers to engage through Super Chats and Chats with MATIC tokens

Leveraging HUDDLE01 SDK and blockchain technology, Xstream ensures secure access to exclusive content by minting ERC1155 NFT tokens for subscribers.

By providing a choice to create either a Viewer or Streamer Dashboard on onboarding, Xstream personalizes the user experience. Streamers can:

  • Initiate live streams, choosing to make them exclusive for their NFT holders
  • Foster a loyal and engaged community

Viewers become subscribers, minting NFTs of their favorite streamers, creating a connection between creators and their supporters.

The integration of MATIC tokens for super chats and chats empowers viewers to directly support their favorite streamers, without intermediary fees. This enhances streamers' financial sustainability and fosters a rewarding relationship with their audience. Additionally, viewers can trade NFTs on the Xstream marketplace, building collections related to their favorite content creators.

Xstream employs secure IPFS storage for NFT metadata, ensuring data integrity and protection. The platform revolutionizes the video streaming landscape, promoting transparency and community-driven interactions. With multiple monetization avenues, including NFT sales and subscriptions, Xstream enables streamers to generate sustainable income.

In summary, Xstream makes video streaming more engaging, secure, and rewarding. Its exclusive content, token-gated access, and direct viewer support with MATIC tokens create a vibrant ecosystem for creators and viewers alike. Embracing the potential of NFTs, blockchain, and decentralized storage, Xstream paves the way for the future of video streaming, emphasizing community, ownership, and meaningful connection

Challenges I ran into

During the project, major challenges were encountered in architecture design, state management, and integrating the relatively new Huddle01 SDK for video and audio streaming. Understanding the SDK's functionality required multiple iterations. To overcome these hurdles, extensive research and repeated analysis of the SDK were conducted. I also sought help from the SDK community and developers to grasp its intricacies. By iteratively refining the architecture and state management, the project successfully integrated the Huddle01 SDK, resulting in a functional and robust Token Gated Video Streaming Platform.