Wondermon - Make Your NFT Smart

Wondermon - Make Your NFT Smart

Empowering NFTs with the ability for voice communication with their holders and to execute on-chain actions.

The problem Wondermon - Make Your NFT Smart solves

We bring you Interactive Smart NFT!

Digital Companions

Have you ever imagined your NFT turning into a magical portrait like in Harry Potter?

Wondermon is here to unveil the future for you! We have infused NFTs with AI technology, giving them a soul. From now on, NFTs are no longer just still images; they become more vibrant and intriguing. They can be your friends and assistants, engaging in real conversations with you. You can have them praise you, write poetry for you, and even change their outfits at your command! And owners can also freely bestow different personalities upon each NFT (stored on the Flow blockchain), making each NFT even more unique!

and ... Smart Wallet!

But it doesn't stop there. Apart from conversations, can your NFT also help you execute actions on the blockchain and manage your wallet assets? Thanks to natural language processing technology, we can better enable Smart NFTs to understand your intentions and issue appropriate instructions to send on-chain transactions. This means that Smart NFTs will become your wallet's caretaker, giving you a Smart Wallet!

Walletless onboarding!

Imagine this: no need to understand concepts like private keys or mnemonic phrases. With Flow's Walletless Onboarding technology, users will be able to directly acquire their Smart NFTs using email and credit card payments, opening up their Web3 smart lives!

We used Flovatar as a showcase example for Wondermon. Flovatar's SVG resources are stored on-chain, and the components of Flovatar can be freely replaced and combined (which can only be achieved on Flow). It is an exceptional NFT project!

Challenges I ran into

The core question is: how can Smart NFTs be made intelligent enough? I dedicatedly studied prompt engineering and achieved satisfactory results to a degree. With the continued advancement of AI technology, I firmly believe that Wondermon will also become increasingly intelligent.