Anonymous Whistle Blowing aimed at the security of whistleblowers.
The problem WhistleBlower solves

Whistleblowers are the people/persons who expose or report the activities and people involved in the violation of acts, laws, corrupt practices, etc. We need such people with social responsibility in our society in order to maintain harmony and raise voice against the misuse of power by officials. This helps to maintain democracy in the country.

In China, Dr. Li Wenliang was the first to identify CoronaVirus but the government forced him to hide this fact from the world. This is one of the key reasons for the pandemic that is happening now. Dr. Li tried to whistleblow the Chinese government's ill practices, before his death, but his Voice was suppressed because of censorship by the government.

We can't undo what happened, but we can prevent it from happening in the future.

Using my DApp, the WhistleBlower can Anonymously submit the details and Evidence regarding ill activities within government or any other powerful organization to the Blockchain.

Because of the Immutable nature of Blockchain, no government can censor the evidence and as the whistleblower only used an Ethereum Address so it is 100% Annonymous because of the advantage of Matic Network NO ETH is required in the account to interact with the Smart Contract. This is an Ideal Case for our scenario because the WhistleBlower needs to create a New ETH Address with No prior transaction History making the entire process completely anonymous.

Even if the government shuts down the site, the data would still be kept in the blockchain and can be retrieved and along with the evidence that resides on Decentralized storage: IPFS. Hence, there is no central point of failure.

The evidence uploaded is verified by Renowned Journalists, NGOs, and Lawyers to prevent False claims. This would then be visible to the entire World to See because of Public nature of Ethereum Blockhain.

Challenges I ran into

Coming up with the Idea that can be implemented in the real world was a major challenge and finishing the entire project on my own within this restricted time frame became a challenge that I enjoyed.

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