Whisper Chain

Whisper Chain

Whisper Chain is a fun social experiment. This is our take on the famous game of Chinese whispers or telephone.

The problem Whisper Chain solves

Whisper Chain is a fun social experiment. There is no winning or losing, The goal is to see how much the message changes as it gets passed around the chain and to observe the humorous or amusing effects that accumulate in the process.

  • Every day we create a thread (we call this a chain) starting with the image of the day (let’s say, image 1).
  • We ask the users to recreate this image by entering their prompts after trying multiple times. (we don’t show the prompt that was used in our image) Whichever image they think is close to what image 1 looked like, they add it to the chain.
  • The next user is shown image2 and is asked to recreate image2 without seeing image2's prompts, And the thread continues.

It’s then interesting to see how the thread evolved - from the first image to the most current image. Usually, after a few images, the context/theme completely changes. So each day, we start a new chain [In lens, a new post for each day] and let it evolve. The thread doesn’t end at the end of the day. Anyone can continue generating images even for a thread that started 10 days ago. You can play the game either on whisperchain.xyz or go to the lenseter post.

Challenges we ran into

  • We faced issues while creating publications on lens protocol
  • We had uploaded metadata to ipfs using NFT Port and had problem while validating the metadata on lens.xyz with the timeout error