Travel planner for the non-tech savvy.

The problem WhatsTravel solves

Many travel planning apps are available on the market right now. Some well-known examples are MakeMyTrip and Trivago. Whether booking hotels, and flights or planning your vacations, you can do it right from these apps. However, just one look at these apps, it is pretty evident that they are not the best apps in terms of ease of use.

For someone who is tech savvy? Sure! They can easily navigate their way around these apps. However for the non-text savvy, like your parents or grandparents? These apps can be a literal hell.

We believe that the Internet and the information available on it should be accessible to all. Your grandma should be able to see the flight prices and see which hotels are available in a certain city without having to rely on her grandkids.

Hence, we came up with a very simple, yet effective idea called WhatsTravel- A travel planning assistant WhatsApp bot.

Why a WhatsApp bot you might ask? Well, it is easy to use, and pretty straightforward, and... there's a high probability your grandma learned how to use WhatsApp. The whole idea is to make travel planning accessible to all. WhatsApp's high adoption, ease of use, and popularity among older generations make this idea somewhat successful.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges we ran into are:

  • Integration of different APIs
  • Approvals from Twilio
  • Deploying and testing the application on Replit