Collaborative notes writing and sharing while attending live lectures.

The problem WeScribe solves

Online learning has seen a major boom and we have tons of platforms for online teaching but there aren’t many online platforms that allow us to collaborate whilst attending a lecture or watching an educational video.

So we came up with a solution ...

WeScribe allows students to make notes with their friends while attending a live lecture or watching a youtube video without having to open multiple apps. It also saves respective notes of each student for their reference. Sharing the collaborative board link is as simple as clicking a button and sending the link to your peers.

Also the WeScribe discord bot incentivizes students to share their learnings and keeps engaged with other students using XP and levels when each student contributes or likes or dislikes the content shared by others. It also enhances the togetherness by sending scheduled lecture notifications, content shared by others, allowing to assign suitable tags to the shared content for easy reference, sharing the WeScribe notes, notifying people about some friendly scheduled live lectures by other other peers and many more. This helps them to keep motivated.​

Challenges we ran into

We faced a lot of difficulty in hosting backend as we didn't have any prior experience hosting a django project though in the end we were able to host it succesfully.