Re^form is a web3 integrated form that lets anyone create forms free of cost and provides authority to users data.

The problem Re^forms solves

Problem with current online form services

  • Centralized Systems
  • No Data Privacy
  • No Way to incentivize user
  • High Subscription Modal
  • Low Consistency in answers
  • No Web3 Form Library Available

Problem 3 form solves

  • It is Available and Affordable to everyone.
  • It has a Customizable UI that can be published on-chain.
  • Its responses are encrypted by wallet address and let signers decide who has access to their data.
  • It can have integrated payment functionalities like token pooling and payment wallets
  • It lets users autofill long forms easily
  • It lets Developers to directly implement all this using a SDK

Challenges I ran into

Form Creation part is quite tricky as well as making sure everything is secured on-chain.