Decentralised, Fast and AI Powered Chatrooms on AO hyper parallel computer

The problem WeaveChat solves

WeaveChat offers a unique and complete chatting experience, free from censorship and with persistence on AO, ensuring your conversations are secure and permanent. Its decentralized nature doesn't compromise speed thanks to AO hyper parallel computer, giving you the best of both worlds. What's more, it's equipped with AI-powered chatbots, APIs, and Gemini integration for smart, autonomous interactions. Plus, with Liteseed technology, you can share images, making your chats feel just like real-life conversations.

Challenges we ran into

There were mutliple hurdles over the 40 hours of building. The core services that we use, AO, for our chat processes and _0RBIT as our oracle, both had a few hiccups throughout, which slowed us down a lot in making our MVP. This meant we had to push our goals back. We got through it by cutting some planned features and losing a bit of sleep. Also, learning new stuff always takes time to get the hang of. Other that these we did have some minor challenges here and there like last minute changes to the process handler to squeeze in a feature or two. Implementing AOConnect as a novel package also left us with hurdles a lot.

Cheer Project

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