WaveShare lets creators share video content without a crypto wallet

The problem WaveShare solves

WaveShare lets creators share video content in a permissionless manner. Creators need not worry about their content being taken down since it is stored on a decentralized storage network IPFS. Creators don't need to have a crypto wallet since we use Arcana wallet creators can use their google account. Our platform also uses EPNS for sending out notifications which is why creators never need to worry about getting shadow-banned. Also, our platform is hosted on Filecoin via Spheron hence there is no chance of the front end going down. We also on-chain memberships deployed on Mumbai Testnet.

Challenges we ran into

Arcana docs seem to have some mistakes, so we had to figure out a lot of things ourselves by inspecting the code examples. Figuring out build output location in order to deploy via Spheron luckily the team was on-site to help.