A Conversational Robot for Physical distancing and threat warning system. Mistakes of violating social distancing are committed without consciousness. It is very much required to look into the same.

The problem WANG REDA solves

Please check out our synopsis https://bit.ly/restartindia-synopsisreda as it would give you in-depth information about everything with respect to the project.

We, humans, tend to forget important points as time passes by. The only way to be consistent about something is to have something to remind us about the same until it becomes a habit for us.
It is fundamentally not possible to stay under home quarantine for a long time. People need to start working at one point, even if COVID doesn’t seem to have an end. But, this must not be implemented without any measures.
Should maintain distancing at least for another year
COVID-19 may spread again, if not taken care of.
Post corona life is expected to be different from normal life.
With regard to all these parameters, an apt system which can assist humans when in need and remind them about the protective measures that must be followed at all times and warn them if the same is not followed. In this era of emerging technologies, an assistant who can interact with humans to provide COVID related information easily through basic conversation as well as warn them when necessary automatically is a must.

Contributions that the project would make:
Prevent 2nd peaking of COVID once the pandemic affected rate decreases -
Remind people to maintain social distancing -
Assist people with tips and information: Carry out conversation -
Robot and beyond! -

Check out the demonstration video ( https://bit.ly/restartindia-redavideo ) for more visual information and as to how our project actually works!!!
Our Interactive Presentation/ppt is available at https://bit.ly/restartindia-redappt . It's very user friendly!

Challenges we ran into

In the end, our project for the hackathon was successfully completed, even if there were tons of hurdles. Not having the necessary components was an Achilles heel for us, but that did not stop us from what we desired to do.
We successfully created a Social Distancing checking algorithm along with an AI chatbot which was able to speak with us and hold conversations with us in ease. Moreover, it was possible to use this chatbot via phone at the user’s convenience. This would be of a great technological advancement in today’s emerging technologies.

That aside, we were never able to build the hardware components. All the components we had either burnt away while working on it or were struck at college. We put extra effort on the software part to compensate for the missing hardware.

We do not want to end this just because the Hackathon is over and want to take this until the implementation stage. We shall work further on the prototype and impose the detection accuracy one we return back to college.

This opportunity that you provided us to let us think and create something that would be useful for people when put to use. We were able to work on something productive during this Lockdown. We were able to think innovative ideas and I am pretty sure this hackathon would serve as a stepping stone towards our future.

Our synopsis https://bit.ly/restartindia-synopsisreda and Video demonstration https://bit.ly/restartindia-redavideo explains in detail about the various challenges we had to face and what all we did in order to overcome them!! Please do give them a read in order to understand more about our project.