WagerBet: Powered by Tellor Decentralized Oracle

Bet on the price of a cryptocurrency,

The problem WagerBet: Powered by Tellor Decentralized Oracle solves

WagerBet uses a smart contract and Tellor Oracle to enable players make trustless bets against other players. This form of betting is different from the traditional experience, one where payouts can take days, winnings can be withheld, and unscrupulous actors can steal player funds.

Players bet on whether the price of a coin on a specific date and time in the future will be higher or lower than a chosen figure/amount. At the specified time, Tellor Oracle(price feed) determines the winning bet (higher or lower) and the smart contract distributes funds proportionately to the winners.

Challenges I ran into

I have never used Tellor before. It was challenging at first to integrate the tellor contracts into the betting contract but after going through the samples and documentation I was able to do it.