Vernier, a Chrome extension wallet, enhances the security of transactions within the DeFiChain ecosystem.

The problem Vernier solves

The inspiration behind Vernier came from the need to enhance the safety and convenience of cross-chain token transfers in the DefiChain ecosystem. People end up sending funds/tokens to the wrong /unintended address because they didn't check the receiver address or due to some virus/malware. Hence, it's important to have an escrow service as a tool which can be used to make day to day fund transfers We aim to provide users with a seamless solution to transfer ERC20 tokens between accounts across different chains/networks while maintaining control over their funds.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into various challenges like enabling contracts to receive funds from another chain, designing and making the interface user friendly

Tracks Applied (4)

Cross-Chain Integration

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Privacy and Security Solutions Prize

Our escrow service ensures that transactions are secure by making sure receiver explicitly claims the transaction, and i...Read More

DApp Ecosystem Expansion

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DFI Token

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