Verify your social through unique id

The problem VeriSocial solves

There are in total of 2 problems.

  1. There has been cases of identity theft on social media where an impersonator can easily create accounts of a Influencer (say X) and approaches X's followers claiming that he/she is who it is and requires help from the followers which X has built. Hence, with handlers being verified and onchain, anyone can look up X's actual and active handlers
  2. Web2 companies have slow or lack of verification process of users. Platforms like Twitter can purchase a blue tick, or Tiktok have slow verification process. Any social media platform companies can utilize the onchain data to quickly verify their users or to even help a user to retrieve back their account in a situation where their account gets hacked

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we face was that the main social media platforms, Twitter Instagram and Facebook require business API key in order to perform user authentication, which we could not acquire in time for this hackathon. We had to think of similar platforms with similar log in methods and also think of alternative log in methods for messaging platforms as well.