Unifactory - is a novel web application which generates wonderful narratives and complements the stories with visually striking images. The stories are interactive and can create storybooks as pdfs.

The problem Unifactory solves

Unlike other AI based text game generators, Unifactory integrates image and text generation to completely immerse users in fanatastic fictional worlds. Additionally the users have the freedom to simply click on options and progress the story the way they want instead of explicitly typing it out. The user may pick any option and the rest of the story will be tailored accordingly. Enjoy artificially generated choose-your-own adventure type games without constantly typing in choices. The user can also convert the story into a story book as pdf.

Check out our sample story book created using this application using the link given below(or on github).

Challenges we ran into

OpenAI API limitation of tokens forced us to work very carefully with prompts and temperatures in order to save valuable tokens.

Finding the best model for various tasks we integrated into our project, like image generation, story generation, tag extraction, progression tracking, etc.

Integrating many functionalities into one cohesive website application