Decentralised storage on ICP powered by IPFS.

The problem TrustMint solves

In today's digital age, data privacy and security have become critical concerns. Traditional centralized file storage solutions are vulnerable to data breaches and unauthorized access. Additionally, users often lack control over their own data, relying on third-party services that may compromise their privacy. There is a need for a secure and decentralized file storage system that enables users to encrypt and decrypt files while maintaining ownership and control over their data. Trust Mint DAO aims to address this problem by leveraging blockchain technology, NFTs, and a link between ICP and IPFS to create a decentralized system for secure and transparent file storage, empowering users with privacy, security, and data control. And adds a novel approach for decentralised data storage.

Challenges we ran into

Deploying on ICP - We faced issues in deploying our react application in the ICP cloud. But later solved it by using trillion cycles offered by ICP.

Implementing the encryption and decryption. We came over this problem by using AES algorithm inorder to encrypt and dycrypt the data and files. We also introduced unique NFT's for each users and acts as a unique identification of the users account.