Trustified Network

Trustified.network is a smart contract assured Escrow Agreement and Payment platform. It helps individuals and businesses to grow globally and increase profit margins without paying hefty commissions.

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Last updated: 03 April 2022 10:58 PM


The problem Trustified Network solves

Problem we are solving:

“Trust” is a key factor for successful transactions between parties. To ensure trust, we involve third party freelancing platforms or middlemen and pay hefty commissions which highly affect the overall profit margins of parties involved in a transaction.

Our Solution:

Trustified.network is a smart contract assured Escrow Agreement and Payment platform which helps individuals and businesses to grow globally and increase profit margins in four simple steps:

1) List Products, Services, or subscription packages. 2) Create Escrow agreements with personalized terms as per customers. 3) Send/Receive crypto payments in a reliable and secure way without paying hefty commissions to third parties. 4) Trust Score: Rate your experience of working with each other and get rewarded for the best Trust Score.

Bounty Integration:

** Polygon with Spheron **: We have used Polygon Mumbai Testnet for deploying smart contracts.
** Spheron **: We have used Spheron Decentralized cloud to host our Dapp using Pinta storage integration of Spheron.
** Dapp URL ** https://trustified-dapp-nxnss6.argoapp.io

** Chainlink **: We have used Chainlink 1) Price Feed 2) Chainlink VRF

** IPFS/Filecoin **: We are Using 1) Web3.Storage, to permanently store all the details of user invoices and subscription services and 2) Hosted Dapp on a Speheron decentralized cloud through Pinata-IPFS integration.

** Biconomy **: Using Biconomy, we have implemented 1) Hyphen Bridge 2) Gasless Transactions

** Superfluid **: Using Superfluid to help individual/business owners get subscription fees for their products and services for particular periods.

** The Graph **: We have used Superfluid subgraph to fetch cashflow data of user’s product subscription to analyze revenue using total incoming stream of active subscriptions.

** Quick Node **: We have used a quick node RPC to check the balance of the wallet.

Challenges we ran into

Biggest challenge was to pick a pain point we should solve:

When we started building, we had so many ideas for features and functionalities to implement in Trustified.Netowork. We had too many ideas like we can build a freelancing platform, we can build a review system for businesses, and so on. As per our past experience of launching products we knew that building feature-rich products or trying to cover too many use cases at once is the biggest mistake most the startup does.

Many of the workshops during the hackathon were very very helpful to understand and helped us take product development in the right direction from experts of Web3 who have built and scaled products successfully.

Challenges during various Integrations:

Hyphen Brdifge:

Due to a silly mistake while implementing Hyphen Bridge, invested too many hours and finally got guidance from Biconomy Team and finally solved the issue of 409 response error.


We were able to fetch the stream details from Superfluid but many times we were getting the flow rate wrong, through Superfluid workshop video and guidance from their team we tried and fixed the issue.

JavaScript heap out of memory

Dapp was working fine in the local environment but while we were deploying our Trustified Network Dapp on Spheron we were getting "FATAL ERROR: Ineffective mark-compacts near heap limit Allocation failed - JavaScript heap out of memory" and found out that one of our script was making calls in loop which is why browser was crashing. After correcting loop call code, it worked fine and launched app successfully on Spheron Decentralized storage using Pinata.

It was a great experience throughout the last 1 month and learned about lot many new products by integrating it into Trustified network.