Trustified Network

Trustified Network

Trustified Network, a platform to Sell Digital Services Globally and Accept Crypto Payments without paying Hefty Commissions.

Built at ETHIndia Grants

The problem Trustified Network solves

“Trust” is a key factor for successful transactions between parties. To ensure trust, we involve third party freelancing platforms or middlemen and pay hefty commissions which highly affect the overall profit margins of parties involved in a transaction.

Challenges I ran into is a smart contract assured Escrow Agreement and Payment platform which helps individuals and businesses to grow globally and increase profit margins in four simple steps:

  1. List Products,Services or subscription packages.

  2. Create Escrow agreements with personalize terms as per customers.

  3. Send/Receive crypto payments in a reliable and secure way without
    paying hefty commissions to third parties.

  4. Trust Score: Rate your experience of working with each other and
    get rewarded for best Trust Score.

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