Get Loans Based on your Contribution and Credit Score

The problem TruFi solves

It solves the problem between the two entities which are bascially a lender and a borrower. The lender can lend the money based on the creditscore of the borrower and the borrower can show how much credibility he has to get a loan. apart from this, there are many use cases like a user can show his contribution in a block chain to get some sort of loyalty points or to get recognized. also the user can have a track of the total amount of gas he/she has spent on transactions. making the borrowing and landing process chain aganostic.

Challenges we ran into

we ran into many challenges from brainstorming the idea to the final deployment. we thought of many use cases but we were not sure what could be the proper use case, but at the end we figured it out and fetching the user data from API's was a little bit difficult at some point of time due to the host server issue. but we tried to overcome it by using different endpoint providers. while desinging the smart contract, There were issues with the logic building and we were not able to get the desired outcome, so we deployed the smart contract again and again as the scope was increasing while developing the smart contract as we came to know what else can be done