a DeFi Social Trading Platform powered by communities

The problem Trikl solves

98% of crypto holders don’t understand what they’re buying, and it’s not their fault when there are 1,000s of highly technical projects in an unregulated market. So, almost everyone relies on recommendations, and over 90% of users trust influencers’ for decision-making. Influencers must set up their website, social media channels, and payment links if they want to monetize their community. This is a tedious process for influencers and reduces their audience's trust. Even then, their followers have to copy the recommendations manually, and there is a massive time lag in copying the trading signals, rendering the advice ineffective. Moreover, users don't feel comfortable paying through lesser-known websites or unverified links, and while influencers preach decentralization, they’re forced to use centralized services for community interactions.

Challenges we ran into

We were trying to host our data on IPFS and got stuck while integrating it with our front end. Took us 4 hours to finally figure it out and resolve the issue (it crashes with big files and gives a timeout error). It was fun and challenging!