Explore beyond boundaries with the exclusive NFTs.

The problem Travel-Defy solves

Hotels and travel agencies are poised to revolutionize customer loyalty programs through the implementation of NFTs. These unique digital tokens become the cornerstone of loyalty initiatives, allowing customers to not only accrue rewards but also trade and exchange them for a spectrum of benefits. From coveted discounts and room upgrades to exclusive access to the luxurious amenities of hotel spas, the possibilities are as diverse as the travel experiences on offer. NFT-based loyalty programs not only incentivize customer loyalty but also introduce an innovative and dynamic dimension to reward structures, fostering deeper connections between travel providers and their clients.

Travel companies find a unique avenue for community engagement through the creation of NFTs that bestow special privileges and access upon token holders. This inclusive approach cultivates a sense of belonging among the community, as NFTs become more than just digital assets—they represent a ticket to exclusive events and experiences.

Challenges I ran into

One of the challenges I faced was setting up Defichain. Doing it all singlehandedly was also a bit tough, given the new chain and setting up smart contracts and the front-end. Finding the right versions of the various npm libraries was a task. RainbowWallet setup was another challenge and had to give up as it doesn't have Metachain implemented.

Tracks Applied (2)

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