Community and Web3 powered project localization

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Last updated: 23 August 2022 03:10 PM

Updated Notion Doc Link

The problem Translat3 solves

  • Purely Community powered Transating platforms are way too slow since they work on sheer goodwill of people who want to help.
  • Paid translating platforms are way too expensive as well as take a huge chunk of money out of translators earnings.
  • Translat3 ensures that the translators are rewarded for providing correct translations, thus boosting the time it takes to translate the entire project and maintains quality.
  • Since it's built upon decentralized paradigm, it maintains trusts of translators with the help of smart contracts and minimizes the chances of fraud.

Challenges I ran into

  • The UI was really tough to work on, since the application requires to display so much text, which can become distracting if not handled correctly.
  • It also took a lot of planning to decide the infrastructure that is optimal and has low gas fees.