Transaction Hero

Transaction Hero

Transaction Hero refunds gas fees to users by auctionizing the order flow market of block builders, solving the EOF problem through sharing the block builders' revenue.

The problem Transaction Hero solves

When PBS (Proposer-builder separation) settles down in the Ethereum ecosystem, block builders will further solidify their control over profit centralization through a mechanism known as Exclusive Order Flow (EOF). The emergence of builder profit centralization poses a significant challenge to Ethereum's fundamental principles, particularly in regard to issues such as censorship resistance and collusion.
Transaction Hero offers a robust solution to address the issue of builder centralization that arises from EOF. This innovative platform introduces a strategic shift towards the open-marketization of Order Flow, effectively redistributing surplus profits generated from Order Flow to benefit the entire network.
Through Transaction Hero, users have the opportunity to earn a share of builder profits by directing their transactions to the platform. In return, builders can gain a competitive edge by acquiring Order Flow, which enables them to offer higher gas fees when submitting blocks. This symbiotic relationship fosters a more equitable and efficient Ethereum ecosystem while aligning with the network's core values.

Challenges we ran into

  • Setting up nodes manually for a private testnet was very time-consuming, and given the tight schedule of the hackathon, it was challenging to complete within the allotted time.
  • Synchronization with the Goerli testnet took a long time, and with the impending testnet downtime, there were no active peers, causing connectivity issues. The team initially searched for the root cause of the problem in the infrastructure, which was challenging.
  • ChatGPT doesn't know anything about ETH :(