Social investing using Lens x

Social investing using Lens x

Our tool can filter Lens posts by keywords. Usecase: by filtering for token tickers (ex. AAVE, UNI) we can allow users to discover & invest in the tokens that Lens users are talking about.

The problem Social investing using Lens x solves

Lens is a breakthrough and we think we can use it to totally change the investing landscape by making it social. Currently the Lens social graph is enabling new social experiences across the industry, however existing apps feel very much like they are replicating web2 experiences. We think that web3 social should be the intersection of social and investing.

We want to solve this by enabling more personalised experiences of the Lens social graph. We will make it easier than ever for users to see social posts about the tokens they care about, as well as enabling users to invest in those tokens seamlessly.

Future Lens/ possibilities:

  1. We will add a "Lens" trending tab to our feed to immedialy see the top Lens tokens ie. the best Alpha;
  2. See what your Lens Friends are investing in! By displaying which lens users hold a particular token on the card (ex. Nader.lens, Stani.lens holding AAVE);
  3. We can display what developers are working on a tokenproject in the info section of a card.

Challenges we ran into

Filter Lens posts has been the hardest challenge. After querying the latest non-mirrored posts on Lens Protocol we are going thourgh a keyword-based context scraping in order to get the best trending tokens posts.

We will be able to improve the filtering in the future.