Tokenize your hours for valuable exchanges, reshaping how we communicate and interact professionally and personally.

Built at ETHBarcelona
Best Project in the DeFi and Dapps

The problem TimeFi solves

  1. Fan to idol interaction like never before
    We address the lack of meaningful interactions on social media, troubleshoot scheduling and cash flow in professional consultations, and promote a personalized exchange of knowledge and expertise.
  2. We put an end to inefficient time scheduling
    We attack the lack of transparency and complications in the current schedule, facilitating the reservation of times for clients and the management of cancellations for consultants.
  3. Fair compensation
    We focus on ensuring fair compensation for highly sought-after consultants, reflecting their true market value and avoiding career dissatisfaction.
  4. Sophisticated technology, hassle-free experience
    We use sophisticated technology, all while maintaining the simple and worry free user experience techniques.
  5. ERC20 representing your time
    At TimeFi, your time becomes a tangible asset by creating an ERC20 token. This token is linked to the hours you are willing to offer, providing a numerical and transferable value to your professional services.
  6. Cash Flow Improvement
    We focus on solving payment delays that affect consultants and professionals, ensuring a regular cash flow and reducing the risk of non-payment. Do not depend more on a third party to receive what belongs to you

Challenges we ran into

The challenging aspect has been the timing. Although we managed to finish almost everything, the limited time made everything more intense and frenetic. We didn't face many severe bugs or errors, but there were minor mistakes or errors while implementing new technology.

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