Time Marketplace

Decentralized web3 hiring! Solving the coldstart problem in on-chain hiring by allowing interviewers to earn by providing quality candidates SBTs as credentials.

The problem Time Marketplace solves

There is a huge supply-demand mismatch in hiring builders in the web3 ecosystems. Current methods of talent discovery are limited, and only relevant to web2 hiring which itself is broken. We are still in the early days of the web3 journey, and this is the right time to build a native hiring solution for web3 which works with on-chain credentials and a transparent meritocratic system.

In Trinity, candidates can privately enlist themselves to be interviewed by validators. Validators provide candidates Soul Bound Tokens (SBTs) to give them on-chain credentials, thereby solving the coldstart problem. Employers use these SBTs to hire candidates quickly and efficiently.

Employers provide 5% of the CTC as commission to the platform and 75% of these fees are paid forward to the validator, the rest is kept in the DAO treasury.

This problem is deeply personal to me, after having hired candidates for my previous employers and my own startup, I've realized that the hiring process is sub-optimal for candidates and employees. Candidates are optimizing for the hiring process rather than software development and employers spend too much time focussing on canned questions when they should be focussing on subjective skills like how does a candidate fit into the team and ensuring the candidates is open to learning, collaborating and is a value add to the organisation. By ensuring candidates meet skill criteria using SBTs both candidates and employers can functionally optimally in the hiring process.