ThirdEye is a modular security solution tailored to the needs of diverse user segments. Our platform offers comprehensive monitoring.

The problem ThirdEye solves

Public perception of blockchain is often marred by high-profile security breaches. Despite blockchain's inherent security, vulnerabilities can arise in the code running on it, leading to the loss of funds or control.

Our project aims to address this issue by providing an accessible and reliable failsafe mechanism, enhancing security and reshaping the perception of blockchain technology, thus fostering trust and wider adoption.

tl;dr We aim to reinvent the threat response landscape in web3 and provide better tools for threat detection engineering.

Challenges we ran into

We did certainly run into a lot of issues, technical and operational, a few of them:

  • Gaining real-time data for a monitoring project like us is tough and we had to work our way around indexer data and make sure that it's relevant for our platform -- and secure enough.

  • Balancing our limited budget and resource constraints necessitated strategic prioritization of feature development to create a lean, yet robust platform.

  • Developing more and more IoCs (indicators of compromise) that give the user or project various top-notch options to choose from.

  • Designing a custom interface for seamless integration between Web2 and Web3 tools was necessary to cater to apps with mixed infrastructures - like webhook to automation triggers etc.

  • The project itself is fairly complicated. Getting it running and keeping it running is tough considering how new it is.