The Blind Guide

Helping the blind feel the world around them.

The problem The Blind Guide solves

Blind People on a daily basis struggle with finding common objects in their environment. They must memorize the location of every obstacle or item in their home environment. Objects like beds, tables and chairs must not be moved without warning to prevent accidents. Our aim is to help the blind explore, find and interact with objects in their local surroundings (for example, the room they are in) in a more efficient way. Our device can help the blind person detect and pickup the object around them.

Challenges we ran into

Configuring the object detection system to work in different environments and lighting condition proved to be a challenge. We also fixed a number of problems related to configurng the hardware: from selecting the appropriate peripherials, fixing driver issues. Also we had to design most of our routines to run asychronously, doing that also proved to be a challenge.

Technologies used