TGS(The Game Service Kit)

TGS(The Game Service Kit)

Revolutionizing Blockchain Gaming with a frictionless quick trial and progressive on-chain experiences, any developer can integrate TGS as a web service, to interact with the blockchain features.

The problem TGS(The Game Service Kit) solves

TGS removes the obstacles of building a blockchain game

  • The friction of getting more users will be higher if “Connect Wallet” is a must.
  • There is no blockchain SDK for my game engine or it is not production-ready.
  • On-chain logic is appealing, but we don't want to spend excessive time on tasks that aren't our forte.

Adapts all kinds of developers and game engines

  • Develop games as usual, without the hassle of blockchain SDK
  • Prioritize mainstream login methods
  • Support FULL on-chain game logic
  • Provide a progressive ‘wallet connect’ experience

Challenges I ran into

In order to demonstrate the features of TGS, we decided to use a game engine which has only limited network features to build the demo game Space Crisis. We've occurred lots of issues that are caused by the outdated and obsolete network functions shipped with the engine.

The architecture and the concept of TGS aim to be a universal service that can be customized to adapt to different types of network communication with lower development efforts. We've tweaked the serverless APIs and overcome the problem caused by the engine.