The first video game to make it into space, is now on tezos.

The problem TezTris solves

TezTris is a decentralized web app where users can play Tetris with others by putting some TEZ / USDT / CTEZ coins at stake and getting rewards for winning. TezTris also allows users to engrave their Tetris game memories on blockchain by minting position-based NFTs.

It solves the big problem of trusting a middleman in every betting scenario by creating a trustless betting system in which you don't need to trust any party. Here, our smart contract plays the role of middle man by collecting staked tokens and distributing them to the winner of the match (code is the law here).

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a huge number of challenges like how to solve multiplayer sessions for Tetriz ,
Integrating with new Tech also caused us a bit of issues,
Creating a Smooth UI and UX in under 24 Hours was a Challenge but an amazing learning!

Huge Shoutout to SPheron Team for providing support event 20 mins before hackathon was over.