In this project we have built a client-side of a website (Tech-Blog) using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The problem Tech-Blog solves

In this project we have built a client-side website which is Tech-Blog, the index page is built with CSS-Grid which divides the page into navbar, articles-container and topics-container, For the navbar we used the Bootstrap navbar component, We used DOM manipulations to add divs articles and topics to different div containers, In addition, We used localStorage to store user information on the client-side. We built the project using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

1.Initially, we found it hard to decide the flow of our website, but as soon as we started building it, we were able to figure it out.
2.Designing creative solutions with users in order to address their needs..We have to plan out a draft to present your product, which is as important as the product itself.
3.We have very limited time to plan, develop and test your product. Hackathons generally last for 24–36 hours, so we need to be pretty quick in terms of execution, as every second counts.