Publish without limits on Flow, Join the Decentralized Blogging Revolution

The problem Tales solves

The Problem

Centralized blogging platforms like Medium and Substack have become popular in recent years, but they come with several limitations and problems that hinder the growth and freedom of creators. One of the biggest issues is the lack of control that creators have over their content. These platforms can take down or ban content they don't like, leaving creators without a voice. Additionally, creators are often paid less than what they deserve since the platform takes a significant cut of the revenue generated by content creators.

Our Solution

To address these issues, we're building a decentralized blogging infrastructure on Flow blockchain that provides creators with full control over their content. By using IPFS for content storage, our platform ensures that content is immutable and tamper-proof. Creators can set their own rules and earn directly from their content without intermediaries taking a cut.

  1. Full control over content: Our platform allows creators to publish their content directly on the Flow blockchain using IPFS, providing complete control and ownership over their content.
  2. Secure and transparent: Our platform uses smart contracts to ensure that content cannot be altered or deleted, providing an added layer of security and transparency.
  3. Monetization options: Creators can earn revenue through multiple monetization options, including paid subscriptions (coming soon), donations, and pay-per-view models.
  4. Verified identities: Our integration with the .find platform on Flow chain ensures that all users have a verified identity and reputation within the Flow ecosystem.
  5. User-friendly interface: Our platform has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for creators to publish and monetize their content, and for users to discover new creators and engage with their content.

Challenges we ran into


Building a dapp on Flow chain was an exciting but challenging task for our team. It was our first time writing smart contracts in Cadence, and it was overwhelming at first. We spent a significant amount of time studying the documentation, learning the syntax, and experimenting with different approaches to ensure we had a solid understanding of the language. Despite the initial difficulties, we persisted, and eventually, we were able to write efficient and robust smart contracts for our decentralized blogging infrastructure.

  • One of the biggest hurdles we encountered was that none of the event indexers we tried were working correctly. This was a problem as we needed to store and retrieve data efficiently. To address this, we decided to build a custom backend that could support our specific needs. This proved to be a challenging task, but our team was up to the challenge, and we were able to create a scalable and reliable solution that met our requirements.

  • Additionally, we faced a tight deadline. With only eight to nine days to complete the project, it seemed like an insurmountable task. We also had prior commitments that delayed our start, so we were left with only a few days to build the entire product from scratch. Despite these challenges, we remained focused and determined, working long hours to ensure we met the deadline.

Overall, we're proud of what we have accomplished, and we're confident that our solution will revolutionize the way creators publish and monetize their content. Our team has demonstrated our ability to tackle complex problems and deliver innovative solutions in a tight timeline. We look forward to continuing our journey and contributing to the growth and evolution of the decentralized web.