Effortless Court Date Management for Legal Pros!!

The problem Taarikh-pe-Taarikh solves

Say goodbye to the cumbersome days of juggling court dates with a personal diary. Our revolutionary solution liberates lawyers from the hassle of manually tracking hearings. From today's crucial proceedings to future dates, effortlessly stay on top of your legal calendar, no diary required. Lawyers can now embrace convenience and freedom as they practice law on the go.
In the legal realm, mountains of paperwork consume the efforts of law firms, courts, and lawyers. Countless pages of documents, contracts, case files, and more create a labyrinth of inefficiency. But the tide is turning as digital transformation offers a lifeline. With electronic solutions and streamlined processes, the era of paper-heavy practices is fading. Embracing technology, legal professionals untangle the maze of paperwork, optimizing productivity, bolstering collaboration, and safeguarding confidentiality. It's time to bid farewell to the paper trail and usher in a new era of legal efficiency.

Challenges we ran into

1.Trying our website to have database in hasura we failed to connect . Its because we are all doing in python in back end and html and css in front end and none of us are flexible in javascript . And all the examples are in Javascript so we failed to understand how to do that.
2.Another major challenge we faced while dealing with calender in frontend part and getting that date in backend .
3.Although we are in third year of engineering, we haven't worked in depth with CSS frameworks. Deciding which CSS framework to use was a big task and proceeding with the chosen framework and solving minute errors was a tedious task. While working with a particular task in our website where an Advocate's dashboard consists of a calender where the schedule has to be updated depending on the date. For this part alone it took us hours to integrate the front and backend. But definitely learnt a lot in the process!