System Stats

An Artificial Intelligence-based system for Sustainable College Labs


The problem System Stats solves

Generally, most of the organization contain the computer labs which includes 100's of computers and most of the time computers are in idle state and power is ON or Log Off. So, it is very important to understand the usage pattern of labs to save the power which has a huge impact on CO2 emission and cost.

Challenges I ran into

Designed a System system to monitor and visualize lab computers and analyze how much money can be saved while protecting our environment. The Lab admin can perform the following operations :
1. Register all Lab and computer details and collect all computer data.
2. View below computer parameters for all/selected lab against time: (date-time, type/model of computer,
CPU/memory/network utilization, disk i/o, shutdown, power ON/idle, sleep/log off/hibernate mode).
3. Get summarized report of the following parameters for all labs:
A. Total Power Saving
B. Annual Cost Reduction
4. Predict usage patterns based on historical data.
5. Maintain the obtained result (for instance total power wastage) from the collected data and discard the history say more
than 1 year period in the background.
6. Send warning notification to user to shut down the system in future.

Technologies used