Democratizing financial services

The problem Synapse solves

Synapse is an Open API platform to launch any financial product in days. Our mission is to make any company a fintech company. The vision is to have a better financial Inclusion for Bharat by helping companies to build innovative, affordable financial products using this API infrastructure.

From Mom and pops store to multiple consumer unicorns which want to cross sell and up sell financial services the challenge always has been to integrate multiple interfaces like Banks, Card Systems, Payments, Insurance Companies, E-Kyc systems etc.

The reason is the APIs and documentation are not easily available, but they are also not well maintained and up to date.

This inefficiency causes a massive turn around time to launch a product in the market. Also Companies have to spend time and resources to communicate to these different entities.
And since those services break and update over time, companies have to spend a lot of time,money and resources on it.

We are a financial services API platform where you can come,cherry pick the APIs, plug and play with the sandbox, and launch your product with just a few lines of code in a couple of weeks! We also take care of all support, compliance, and regulations without breaking any flow.

Welcome to the new age of financial Services.

Technologies used