An addictive touch-based web3 game, the greater the NFT's level the more your score will be.

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Last updated: 26 March 2022 05:58 PM

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The problem Symbals solves

It is a simple NFT game that is built on the idea of giving the NFT's a utility or some post-game function. In Symbals you can burn your NFT which will give you a score multiplier for the next round you play. The whole architecture was to convert any web2 based game into a web3 game. I added the support to mint NFTs in this game when a player's game is over an NFT with the data of Level and the screenshot of the game will be minted as NFT. I have used the

Chainlink VRF

Random number generation feature to set the level to the addition of the game-over level as the score multiplier of the next round of game after burning a specific NFT.
In Symbals, NFTs are minted using the smart contracts deployed on

Polygon Mainnet

Blockchain which is a Layer 2 blockchain solution that requires so much fewer fees to mint and burns the NFTs. The metadata and the image data are stored on decentralized storage provided by


. I have used

Alchemy NFT API

to fetch the symbals NFT tokens owned by the user who is playing the game. You can view your owned NFTs in the


route in our demo Webapp.

It provides a competitive and fun experience while using blockchain and NFTs to create a meaningful use case. Symbals provides a gaming experience with good sound effects and also you can earn a score multiplier with a Chainlink VRF Randomizer system by burning your NFTs. It is based on an easy start so users can easily learn what the game is about. A simple user interface makes it more entertaining. This project focuses on the utilities of the NFTs in a simple game.

Challenges I ran into

There were challenges when trying to implement some libraries and APIs like



ChainLink VRF

. But due to the documentation, it became pretty easy. I also got stuck on the main burning logic while developing Symbals, I solved it by implementing different ideas and choosing the score multiplier one with the function of the chainlink VRF randomizer.