Swift Lend

Swift Lend

Flash Loans Made Easy

The problem Swift Lend solves

Right now there is a lot of friction involving utilizing flash loans as the learning curve for solidity is high for the laymen so one of the main aims for the project is to simplify the use of flash loans for the common defi user without a coding background.
There are no cross chain flash loan protocols as of now (research phase).
Custom coding option to provide customization for developers with the easy of ui + custom smart contract logic.
Integrate flash borrowing of tokens other than ERC20 i.e. ERC 1155, ERC721 (NFTs)

Project Timeline - https://0xaxit.notion.site/Project-Planning-9a10f1761bd04c688b44f16a06506396
Demo Link - https://swift-lend.vercel.app/

Challenges I ran into

Wasn't able to conduct flashloan tests for vast amount of tokens because artbitraging always yielded in loss of tokens, so found out a method to impersonate anyone on the blockchain by forking a specific block of the mainnet using hardhat and the hardhat_impersonateAccount method came in handy to achive conducting successful flashloans.