A fully decentralized livestreaming and creator platform.

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Last updated: 03 April 2022 07:08 PM

updated challenges faced

The problem SuperStream solves

Problems with centralized creator platforms.

The main problem with centralized platforms like Youtube, Twitch , etc. is that the content is not owned by the creators , rather it is owned by the company and also they take a huge chunk of revenue as commission . They also can block or suspend your channel or content as they please or from external pressure from government . As an example Youtube recently blocked news channel WION for reporting russian statement .


Superstream is a fully decentralized live streaming and creator platform on polygon where users can watch / create livestreams , send/receive tips , subscribe to their favorite creators , etc.


  • All users get a profile nft associated with their Superstream Account.
  • Can mint and publish recorded live streams as nft .
  • All data stored in ipfs or blockhain.
  • Send or receive tips directly into your wallet in MATIC.
  • Innovative Subscription plan , only pay for every second that you are subscribed ( using superfluid protocol ).
  • Live Chat and Comments.

Technologies Used in the project

  • This project is built on POLYGON , currently deployed on Mumbai testnet.
  • Leverages Livepeer transcoding and cdn services for streaming and recording stream.
  • IPFS & Filecoin , all the profile pictures , images and videos and stored in ifps filecoin utlising web3.storage sdk.
  • It also uses Chainlink for live price exchange rate between MATIC and USDT when sending Tips.
  • It uses Superfluid for handling subscriptions

Challenges I ran into

I faced many challenges throughout the develpoment of the project such as

  • Thinking about architechture and schema for storing various data like users, streams etc.
  • I am new to blockchain so I faced many error and bugs during smart contract develpoment and had hard time integrating with frontend .
  • I had to do lot of trail and error which took the majority of my time .
  • The subscription flow was a little hard to think and implement but I was able to do it thanks to Superfluid sdk.
  • In the front end side , I had problems like listening to events , filters , and updating the ui which i could not solve due to time constraint.

Overall this was a huge learning experience for me I learnt a lot of things about blockchain development flow , how to approach big projects and solve complex problems like user system , subscription . I was able to learn about events and filters in the last few days but could not implement it properly in the frontend.