Making Notes Easy

The problem SUMMIFY solves

Since the pandemic outbreak, we can see a significant impact on students' academics. While online lessons are beneficial, they are insufficient for students to acquire and grasp the specific idea that is necessary. As a result, students have lost interest in online lessons, making the online classroom environment even more boring. As a result, we're developing "SUMMIFY," a program that will provide aid to the students. It will not only assist students in learning topics, but also in acquiring a thorough understanding of those concepts. It will provide a summary of each lecture that is delivered in an online format.
It not only provides an overview of the subject, but also creates bullet points to help students get through the lecture while studying for their examinations. Students can also download the summary as a pdf file or have the bullet pointers sent directly to their email address. Speaking of how it works so.

Summify is a platform that helps the students and teachers to summarize lectures. Basic working of Summify is driven by the Text Summarization Algorithm (https://algorithmia.com/algorithms/nlp/Summarizer) available at Algorithmia. The input here consists of the text to be summarized and once we submit the form with the input, our Text Summarization Algorithm runs to produce a summarized chunk of text, which is further broken down into bullet points with the help of our utility functions written in JavaScript. Once the output text is produced, the users have the option to download the summary as a PDF file or it can even be emailed directly for quick and easy revision in future. For the future prospects, we would like to integrate a proper backend to the platform such that the authenticated users can store, edit or delete their summarized lecture notes on their respective dashboards.

Challenges we ran into

Various challenges we ran into were -
1.How will the summary process of each lecture work?
2.How’ll it be able to break down various complex words or jargon into words which are comprehensive yet easy to understand?
3 .How to maintain the UI in such a manner that is interesting & attractive to the students so they’re motivated to learn.
4.The last challenge we ran into, and believe me the deal breaker for our team, how’ll the implementation of the idea happen?

Technologies used