Sui based Web3 Game Streaming & Community Management Platform for Play & Earn

The problem SuiPlayVerse solves

🧐 Problem Statement

  1. Centralised streaming platforms exploit streamers' hard work and community influence through unfair compensation practices, lacking transparency and consensus.

  2. Gamers invest significant time and money in games without receiving ownership, alignment, or governance, highlighting the absence of a GameFi streaming infrastructure for crypto and NFT payouts.

  3. Transitioning from web2 game publishers' methods of acquiring and retaining users (paid ads, paid media) to a Web3 approach based on contribution (airdrops, referrals, engagement) is needed.

💡 Idea / Solution

PlayVerse is an interactive online gaming and learning platform that provides live gaming tutorials and tournaments for games built on the Sui blockchain.

The next evolutionary step is towards the Gamefi streaming platform. Create a sustainable ecosystem running on blockchain where game publishers, streamers and the gamer community all benefit from the contribution.

We empower streamers by eliminating high commission rates, eradicating arbitrary increases imposed solely by the company, significantly reducing holding periods for funds, providing clear and concise guidelines regarding account bans based on legal matters, ensuring complete transparency, and fostering a strong sense of community consensus. By doing so, we restore the integrity of the streaming ecosystem and bolster the invaluable influence and support that streamers have diligently cultivated to achieve remarkable success.


Interactive Web3 Gaming: Engaging platform for gamers on Aptos blockchain.
NFT Monetization: Creators can mint NFTs for content monetization.
Streaming & Tournaments: Live tutorials and competitive gaming events.
Fair Compensation: Elimination of high commissions and improved transparency.
Discoverability Tools: Enhanced visibility for streamers.
NFT Creation: Easy NFT creation for in-game assets.
Tournament Generator: Create and manage gaming tournaments.

Challenges I ran into

PlayVerse's vision is to create an immersive, impartial and inclusive ecosystem for web3 gamers worldwide.

💡 Challenges We ran into

SUI Blockchain

We are using SUI blockchain which is based on Move language for smart contract implementation. It is quite new for us as we have developed on Solidity and Rust only earlier. Given the time frame of 2 days, we learned lots of new things especially faced lots of issues with move contract integration with frontend. SUI team is very helpful and supportive and provided us with the required resources and docs to resolve the issues.

ZK Login Issue

We are trying to implement ZK login for the users to login to the platform using Google account. We are using @mysten/zklogin which is quite new and facing lots of issues with docs implementation. We have discussed the issue with SUI team at hackathon and they are too helpful and connected with their ZK developer on telegram - who have finally helped us to resolve the issue in the last moment.

LivePeer Integration & Sui Wallet flow

We are trying to integrate LivePeer for live streaming of the games and integrated with Sui Wallet. We have integrated the LivePeer SDK with the frontend but facing issues with the LivePeer API. Took us little time and we have successfully solved the issue.

Cheer Project

Cheering for a project means supporting a project you like with as little as 0.0025 ETH. Right now, you can Cheer using ETH on Arbitrum, Optimism and Base.