Systematic Investment Plans for DeFi.

The problem DeSIP solves

There aren't many DeFi projects/protocols which allow for, what we call in TradFi, Systematic Investment Plans. DeSIP (short for Decentralized Systematic Investment Plans) hopes to change that by allowing a user to subscribe to various investment plans leveraging several DeFi protocols. The aim is to minimize users’ active involvement in managing their portfolio and hence, automate the necessary parts of investing in different strategies.

DeSIP leverages key technology provided by Superfluid Protocol to allow for “streaming investments” thus increasing capital efficiency and enabling scalable solutions. DeSIP allows for streaming into or subscribing to any type of strategy utilizing asset management platforms such as dHEDGE and Enzyme Finance. These asset management platforms allow for the creation of custom strategies by anyone analogous to mutual funds in TradFi.


  • Feature list and architecture design ✅
  • Smart contracts coding ✅
  • Testing and testnet deployment ✅
  • Front-end creation 🏗️
  • Mainnet deployment of smart contracts ✅
  • Auto top-up feature 🏗️

Challenges I ran into


When I first started creating the smart contracts for the project, I was told by folks from one of the integrated protocols that certain changes could be made to allow for certain special conditions that we would have required. Unfortunately, due to the proposed solution not being ideal, I had to change the whole architecture. However, the resulting architecture, in my opinion is elegant and doesn't assume any special treatment from the external protocols.

College Placements

Even if this doesn't fit the bill of this section, I just want to highlight that it has been challenging to work on my project and attend placement sessions. However, I gave up some hours of my sleep schedule to do both things.