An enhanced streaming experience

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Last updated: 03 April 2022 04:33 PM


The problem StreamHance solves

What is StreamHance?

StreamHance provides an enhanced streaming experience for content creators and viewers alike.
In the existing hosting platforms, both users and content creators need to pay to enjoy its services, either directly or indirectly. StreamHance attempts to solve the problem by making the hosting platform decentralized. Thus users and content creators can stream and share without worrying about any sort of monetary issues. StreamHance removes the notion of third-party hosting platforms. Content creators do not have to worry about any recommendation algorithms, as the success of their content is purely dependent on its quality. Users also get a complete uninterrupted experience, due to the absence of advertisements.

How it works

StreamHance allows users to create a stream and also share it with other users using the stream key obtained from Livepeer. Users are rewarded with an NFT when they register to watch a stream, which is directly added to the user’s wallet. Further, a user can only view a particular stream if he/she has the corresponding NFT. This NFT acts like a ticket that is transferable. The NFTs minted during the registration process are stored in IPFS through Moralis. Alchemy’s API has been used to obtain the metadata of NFTs, for checks during the registration process.

Challenges we ran into

This being our first Web3 project, we faced a lot of challenges with learning new technologies. We also faced a lot of issues while integrating the different tools in our project. We spent significant time building the front end from scratch. Though we faced a lot of challenges, we also learned a lot through this project.