Strabo - Untangling personal finances for expats

Digital headquarters for managing an Indian expat’s finances leveraging the rise of open banking trends in the West & India

The problem Strabo - Untangling personal finances for expats solves

I, myself, very much hope to be the customer for this mobile app. Who am I? I’m Manoj Tutika, an Indian citizen from a quaint southern sea-side town. Graduated with Masters in Computer Science & Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, worked for two startups in Bangalore after graduation, narrowly opted out of the option of studying abroad, instead moved to Germany and started working for Yelp Inc.

Aspects of the financial side of my life :

Bank account(s) and joint family account(s) in India.
Bank account(s) in Germany.
Home/Car/Personal loan(s) in India/Germany.
Investment assets in India like mutual funds, stocks.
Transferwise to send my money from my German account to Indian accounts to family, loan, credit cards in India etc.
Savings account in India for similar goals.
Taxation of capital gains in India.
Retirement plans.
-- and many more.

Interacting with Indian banks on phone is really hard due to the timezone differences and there's no seamless digital-only experience among the Indian banks. I need to research about the best options for investments, send money into my NRE accounts and then go onto the investment platform to start investing.

If in case of loans, I have to get on a lot of calls with bank's relationship manager to understand what's suitable. Again, timezone differences affect when I'm available for this conversation.

Challenges we ran into

We had a lot of questions related to which market segment to concentrate and the exact features to narrow down after our user research. Figuring out the exact solution took a lot of "online" brainstorming. We didn't run into any specific bugs but we thought xml is an old way to deal with APIs.

Identify 3 of our core features took us a lot of time.

Now our 3 core features are :

  1. Aggregation of bank accounts.
  2. Cross border money transfer
  3. Financial concierge service